Top 5 ways to tell that your week sucks

There are stretches of time that just seem harder to deal with than others.  Everything takes so much longer or is more mental exhausting that I think it really ought to be.

In celebration of having ‘one of those weeks’, I thought it’d be fun to write out funny ways to tell your week is sucking.

#5 – Your auto-correct somehow knows to change EDITNG to EATING.

#4 – You feel like you have Five ‘Mondays’ in a row.

#3 – You have to stop in the middle of the restaurant and make sure you’re wearing pants.

#2 – You stay up extra late to get homework assignment done on time and your kids come in two hours before your alarm goes off to wiggle (I mean cuddle).

#1 – Kids have a snow day and you are trapped in the house with no chocolate.  Even your back-up stash is missing.


How do you know you are having a bad week?


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