Merry Christmas

We had a kid sick with the stomach bug last night.  Poor thing.  Not sure how interested she will be in Santa Claus.

On the brighter side, someone told me that Amazon ran out of coal.  I found that hilarious.  I’d no idea they actually sold coal.  Think it has a gift option?  I can imagine the amazon prime box with one of their gift wrap bags.  The gi-freakin-ormous bag stuffed with coal.

I wondered if some vendors had figured that Amazon was sold out and were now selling coal at three times the normal price.  I hope that whoever still needed coal might forgive small transgressions and buy them socks instead.

Socks are a steps up from coal, right? And they can also help keep you warm.

I hope you and your family all have a Merry Christmas! (or whatever holiday you celebrate)


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