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This year I decided to start a new tradition.  I wanted to make cute halloween treats with the kids.  You know those ones you see on Pinterest or FaceBook videos?  Yes!  That’s what I wanted to do.  However, I’m woefully short on kitchen skills. I can’t follow directions and may, occasionally, get a tad distracted.  Not good for treat making.

So I enlisted two friends.  The three hardest parts of this project were picking the date, deciding on what to make, and everything else.

I tend to be a wee bit enthusiastic.  That laughter in the background?  That’s anyone who knows me.  Me being a little enthusiastic is akin to there being a few snowflakes in a blizzard.  Why pick just one cute thing when you can pick five? Or ten?

I spent nights surfing from super cute idea to the next super cute idea.  This was the starting list:  scroll down to the mummies and batsWitches brew browniesApple monsters, and Peanut buttercup spiders.

Armed with lollipop sticks and pre-made cookie dough, we started at 10AM on a Sunday. With breaks to shop for more ingredients and eating (twice), we ended at 8PM.  Yes, we had to shop as I bought the wrong stuff.  Who knew regular chocolate chips would not form that nice shell when melted?

We added Orange Cake pops,  oreo balls, a different kind of spider and some stuff we just made up on the fly to the list.  We didn’t make the Apple monsters, opting to keep with the sugar overload theme.

What did I learn?  Brownie bites were awesome at distracting kids with something to decorate.  They did turn out cute.


The seven-year old got some of each to decorate and she was very good at putting lollipop sticks into the Oreos.



The five-year old lost interest.  Anything with an abstract face was his. He did eat a bunch.  He liked that part.

Candy eyes make everything cool.


For these Oreo balls we decided to make one-eyed monsters.  We might have missed on a couple.

Making monsters was my fav thing.  I named them all.  One even turned into a halloween pig.


The green is mint Oreo frosting taken off to make the cookies into wings for our bats.  Some of our cookie spiders became aliens. It happens.

Melting pots are da bomb!  I wish I would have bought two.


We have two plates of bats that we forgot to put fangs on.  


We decided to make Oreo kitties, grave headstones, and a different type of spider cookie too.  

And lastly my friends were saints. Our treats didn’t exactly look like the pictures, but everyone had so much fun, we’re doing it again for Christmas!

Tell me about fun things you’ve tried to make even if they didn’t match the pictures.


4 thoughts on “Didn’t match the pictures

  1. You are so awesome! Boundless energy…maybe explained by the sugar high from “sampling”?

    Published pictures are for arteeeests…we’re only super-human moms.

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