Kidbit: Sense of Humor

My daughter started taking gymnastics the other day at a local elementary school.

I sat and watched from a bench with my son. Next to us, was a Sari wrapped woman with one of those oh-so-cute, pudgy babies.

Even though my four year old is pure boy, he’s always had a soft spot for babies.

He walked over.  After finding out the baby was a boy and seven months old, he gently tickled the baby’s feet.  “Look at these cute little feet.”

The baby smiled at him and kicked his feet.

“Look at these cute little knees.” He stroked the baby’s knees.

The baby cooed. The mom and I exchanged a grin.

“Look at these cute little cheeks.” And he brushed the baby’s cheeks.

Then he turned to the baby’s mom. “Does he have a cute little penis?”

Oh, boy.

I’m pretty sure my face mirrored the surprise that I saw on her face. But she gave him a smile. “Yes, he does.”

Thank goodness for mom’s with a sense of humor.

What’s your latest kid cringe worthy moment?

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