Top 10 reasons my USB drive went missing

Top 10 reasons my USB drive is missing (with my only copy the first 10K of my new novel)

10. Cerberus ate it.

9. Ripples from the recent solar eclipse have been snatching metal objects on our planet.

8. The shoe elves were pissed I left milk not Kahlua like they had asked.

7. The robot in my shop found the drive while looking for cookies and ate it instead.

6. My muse read it and thought I could do better.

5.  It’s hiding.

4.  A neighbor sneezed “Accio” and my drive landed in her couch.  Along with random items from the neighborhood and a small, confused poodle.

3.  The planet my novel is set in opened a hole in the space time continuum so they could take the file to read about the future.  Sadly that changed it.

2.  An alien with Pica ate it.

1. Yoda wanted me to levitate the USB drive, but it sank in the swamp.  That’s when I knew I couldn’t be a Jedi Master.

The actual answer is I put the drive in the dreaded ‘somewhere safe’.  Hopefully it will turn up soon.  

What was your worst technology ‘Oops’ moment?

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