Feeling Philosophical

Sometimes I am so myopic that the grains of sand look like boulders.

Think about that for a second.   I get so focused on the minutia, that small stuff becomes bigger, harder, and immovable.  A permanent fixture in my life.

Generally, I am a glass full, there’s silver lining, make it have a purpose kind of gal.  I acknowledge the things that have a high probability of happening and do my best to sway the odds the way I want them to go.  But shit does happen.  I write stories about the stuff I don’t want to happen and I find a way to give them a happy ending.

Recently my sister died.  That knocked me back and forced me to look at things differently.  I view this as a good thing.  Not my sister’s death, but the chance to reset and take stock of where I am.  The chance to decide what I’ll focus on. The chance to make different choices.

So I asked myself questions like:

Am I doing the things I am doing because I want to or because I am caught in a rut or because I am afraid to change them?

Am I spending my energy on the things that are the most important?

What do you spend your energy on?  Are you too close to the small stuff?

7 thoughts on “Feeling Philosophical

  1. How you feel on any given subject will tell you if you should focus on it or back off of it, if it feels bad, back off, good, stay focused.

    Study the Law of attraction and the Teachings of Abraham, that all you need to guide you.

  2. Sorry to hear about your sister.

    Yeah, easy to focus on the small stuff, which isn’t necessarily a problem. Sometimes the small stuff needs a focus now and then.

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