New Signature

You may not know this, but I really like art. I tend to like pictures of cute fantasy animals, magnificent solar systems, or women surrounded by desolation.

So for fun, I decided to see if I could get a logo / signature from Fiverr.  I chose to have three unique concepts (with some revisions allowed).  I was pleased with the results, but choosing is so hard.  Since I am in urgent need of a blog post and have to leave early tomorrow on a trip, guess what?  I am going to ask you guys to help me choose!  See that? Two birds…

Contestant #1:   Unicorn and a Quill Pen


Contestant #2:   Swirly Planet



Contestant #3:  Swirly planet with different font  (This is really more a 2a)


Contestant #4: Unicorn coming out of a book


Add a comment with your vote.  If I get no votes by the time I come back from my trip, I’ll have to roll a D4 to decide.   🙂

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