Comfort zone and RWA Nationals

#RWA17  When I first arrived at RWA Nationals, I had some serious concerns that I had made a tragic mistake in going.  This was my first conference.
Everyone seemed to know everyone else.  I had a flash of that moment years before on my first day of junior year in a new high school located across the country from my previous high school.  I walked into the lunchroom alone into a social quagmire populated with literally hundreds of teenaged strangers.
Is HS lunchroom PTSD a thing?
I considered if ‘going to RWA conference’ could mean getting gallons of ice cream and hiding in my room.   I would be writing, would that make it okay?
Luckily, I signed up for dinner with Sharon Sala.  She generously offered to take five first timers to dinner or breakfast.
I arrived early and spotted a group of women that maybe were int he group.  Nope, I stumbled on a group of several ‘someones’.  Those people that I am sure I should have had a clue who they were, but did not.
I did the social equivalent of ducking and running.
Then I met Sharon.  It was amazing.  She was amazing.  I had five people that I now knew.  Five people I exchanged contact info with.  The conference became not so big and not so scary.
What have you done that pushed your comfort zone or even better helped someone with theirs?

RWA Nationals

I leave Tuesday morning to go to RWA Nationals in Orlando, Florida.  Being from the upper mid-west, the idea of going to Florida in July is crazy.  You can always put more clothing on, but there is a legal limit in most places to what clothing you can take off. So that part of the trip, I’m not excited about.

This will be my first year at RWA nationals, my first writing conference. I have the chance to meet some writers that I really admire. Hopefully, I can resist being an over-the-top fan girl.

What advice would you give to a gal at her first conference?

Feeling Philosophical

Sometimes I am so myopic that the grains of sand look like boulders.

Think about that for a second.   I get so focused on the minutia, that small stuff becomes bigger, harder, and immovable.  A permanent fixture in my life.

Generally, I am a glass full, there’s silver lining, make it have a purpose kind of gal.  I acknowledge the things that have a high probability of happening and do my best to sway the odds the way I want them to go.  But shit does happen.  I write stories about the stuff I don’t want to happen and I find a way to give them a happy ending.

Recently my sister died.  That knocked me back and forced me to look at things differently.  I view this as a good thing.  Not my sister’s death, but the chance to reset and take stock of where I am.  The chance to decide what I’ll focus on. The chance to make different choices.

So I asked myself questions like:

Am I doing the things I am doing because I want to or because I am caught in a rut or because I am afraid to change them?

Am I spending my energy on the things that are the most important?

What do you spend your energy on?  Are you too close to the small stuff?

New Signature

You may not know this, but I really like art. I tend to like pictures of cute fantasy animals, magnificent solar systems, or women surrounded by desolation.

So for fun, I decided to see if I could get a logo / signature from Fiverr.  I chose to have three unique concepts (with some revisions allowed).  I was pleased with the results, but choosing is so hard.  Since I am in urgent need of a blog post and have to leave early tomorrow on a trip, guess what?  I am going to ask you guys to help me choose!  See that? Two birds…

Contestant #1:   Unicorn and a Quill Pen


Contestant #2:   Swirly Planet



Contestant #3:  Swirly planet with different font  (This is really more a 2a)


Contestant #4: Unicorn coming out of a book


Add a comment with your vote.  If I get no votes by the time I come back from my trip, I’ll have to roll a D4 to decide.   🙂

Spring Cleaning in July

With recent events, I decided I needed to declutter and organize. This is a project where everything gets dumped on the floor. Then I take each item and decide to put in the garbage or give away or keep. The goal is to put more in the first two than the last. My intention is to do this for as much of the house as I can before I lose my steam. Added bonus if the stuff does not just stay on the floor.

What do you do to get yourself decluttered and organized?