Family mottos:

Ever notice how different families tend to have a different motto they lived by. It was the phrase they said when things got tough or talking about someone else having a hard time.

I grew up at the intersection of ‘It is what it is’ and ‘it could be worse’.

I never really thought about what they really meant until I had kids. I started listening to some of the phrases I said. Β I wondered which ones my kids would remember.

Here are the top phrases used in my household

  1. If it is sticky and not yours, don’t eat it.
  2. It’s good to want
  3. Would you like it if someone did <insert kid action here> to you? (example: Would you like it if someone farted in your face?)
  4. What happens if you guys fight over something? – Mama takes it away.
  5. No one wants to see your butt.
  6. After someone is crying about a minor injury – Should we cut it off?

What phrases or mottos do you use?

16 thoughts on “Family mottos:

  1. Thanks for a much needed laughπŸ˜‚! Reminded me of my Mom’s favorite quote when she knew we weren’t sick and just wanted to bail on school. Me: “Mom, I have a headache.” Mom: “If I had a head like that, it would hurt too.”

  2. 1. If anyone hurt because of being silly/stupid, my dad would always say, “Goofing around!” (we still use it)
    2. If kid bumped in the head, I say, “Are you smarter now?”
    3. Another one we borrowed from a TV preacher, “If you are doin’ the do’s, you won’t do the don’ts.”

  3. What you originally started with. It is what it is and it could be worse. With an occasional no crying over spilt milk thrown in for good measure πŸ˜‚

  4. 1. When the kids ask for an allowance: “You eat, don’t you?”
    2. “Mom, do I have a fever?” Touch hand to forehead. “No, you’re just alive.”

    • Of course!… when my grandfather was going out and we’d ask where he was going, he’d say ‘I’m going to Timbuktoo’, or if he didn’t want to answer a difficult question, he’d just say ‘Because busses pass the door’!

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