The sneeze heard across America

On Thursday I went to get my son from daycare early.  I was greeted by a pale, red cheeked, low energy version of my son.  The daycare lady said it must be allergies.

He did have a slight fever and slept well that night.  He is my early riser, so when my daughter–who could sleep til noon–was the first kid awake, I knew he was really sick.

He stood next to me with his sad face on and then let out the biggest sneeze I have ever heard.  It was loud enough to scare him to tears.  And out from his nose shot a large snail trail of yellow booger and the missing cardboard ER pushed up into his nose.

Not sure if it was causal, but once that cardboard came out, he started getting better.  He still had a couple more huge sneezes.  And enough booger to lubricate a whole peloton of bicycles.

How can I tell when my four year old son is better? We went for a walk and the kids decided to play fetch.  My son came to me on all fours with a stick in his mouth.

‘Good immune system,’ is the chant I say regularly with him.

I had no idea that becoming a mom meant so much thinking and talking about bodily fluids.  On that note, excuse me while I prevent the full roll of TP my son just used from plugging the toilet.

What about you any stories to tell?

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