Done Gauges

I have issues with finishing projects.  More specifically believing the project is done.  This is across most facets of my life.

My hubby took over cooking when I used the smoke alarm as my done gauge.

This year, I am going to finish my first book.  I may need to try out some different gauges to test if the book is done.  A ruler, a thermometer, a clock?  Maybe I should use the time tested does-the-cat-read-it gauge.

Cat reading book


I hope the cat likes it.

What will you get done this year?  And how will you know it is done?

3 thoughts on “Done Gauges

  1. I love your cooking style 😀 ! I need very clear goals or I just flounder, never quite getting anywhere. I’m most productive when I can tick things off on a list – I find this ridiculous, but without it I get nowhere.

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