And Action!



This picture is how I feel sometimes.

I want to take action, I want to get things done. So I climb on up and press buttons and hope that one of them will be the right one. But sometimes I don’t always have the right equipment.

I won’t get it right all the time. And that’s fine. Mistakes are a part of growing.

What’s your favorite mistake?

The nine stages of editing your book – with cats

So true.

Milly Schmidt

When most peoplefinish their first draft they have no idea of the mind-numbing and heroic journey they are about to embark on. Finishing the first draft is only the beginning… as editing may be one of the hardest f—— things you’ll ever do.

Here are the nine stages of editing your novel (with cats of course!)

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Done Gauges

I have issues with finishing projects.  More specifically believing the project is done.  This is across most facets of my life.

My hubby took over cooking when I used the smoke alarm as my done gauge.

This year, I am going to finish my first book.  I may need to try out some different gauges to test if the book is done.  A ruler, a thermometer, a clock?  Maybe I should use the time tested does-the-cat-read-it gauge.

Cat reading book


I hope the cat likes it.

What will you get done this year?  And how will you know it is done?