‪What do you get when you combine a 4-year-old and rolled up cardboard?‬

‪What do you get when you combine a 4-year-old and rolled up cardboard?‬

‪A trip to the doc to remove said cardboard from their nose!‬

Two weeks ago, my son said, “Mommy I have garbage in my nose.”‬  I thought he meant booger‬. So showed him how to blow his nose.

Then Sunday night he said, “No mommy I put it up there.”

Oh oh.

I got the flashlight and ‬‪sure enough, rolled up cardboard was wedged deep in his nose‬. Since it had been up there for two weeks already and he didn’t have a fever or any other obvious symptoms, I figured no ER visit needed. I would call the doc in the morning and we would see the regular doctor.


The next day at the doc, my normally reasonable son (for a 4-year-old), bucked like we were trying to cut his nose off.  After the forth attempt Doc said, “It smells rotten‬. Your choice an ENT specialist or ER, but it needs to come out.  High odds he will need to be sedated.”

‪Uggg so to ER I went‬.

They didn’t believe my happily playing son would turn into a werewolf when they tried to extract anything from his nose.  But, five adults couldn’t hold him still enough to get the cardboard out.‬ And he wailed the whole time. THE WORST.

‪Six times was not the charm, and they had to sedate him‬.

I ‪ended with a high son, and the cardboard no longer stuck in his nose, because it was pushed in.  Either he swallowed it or it got pushed up into his sinus‬. Since they couldn’t see it, we went into wait and see mode.

‪There had to be a life lesson about this experience.

Maybe a variation of a stitch in time:  Sensei says getting kid to sit still for 3 minute save 3 hour ER visit‬.

What have you been through that was way harder than it ought to have been?

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