Personal challenges for 2017

I am optimistic about this new year.

It’s silly little things like I made a deadline to an editor and got the Christmas tree down before spring flowers sprouted.

So on that note, here are my top three personal challenges.

1. Planks. I jokingly told my husband that I am going to start planks at 15 seconds and increase it by 5 seconds each day. Now we are in a completions. Will I be able to hold a plank for the crazy large number of (364*5)+15? Meh, I guess we will find out. I may have to create a spreadsheet to track.

2. Increase my Writing time. I am on a streak of over a year and a quarter writing each day for 30 minutes. I feel a bit cra-cra, I want to do it for an hour or more each day.

3. Finish writing projects. My backlog is seriously over crowded. Ideas are not my problem. They breed like rabbits in the burrows of my computer files. Finishing is. This year I’m going to finish my first book – Book of Secrets. I will also get at least a first full draft of the second book in the series and a first full draft of the first book in my daycare series. For the record, at least six other novel ideas jumped up and screamed, ‘pick me!’

What are you going to challenge yourself to get done this year?

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