One of THOSE days

Friday I had one of those days.

One of those days where you woke to the clank of the garbage truck up the block. The sinking feeling when you realize the garbage was not out. If your cans were not at the bottom of the drive, the garbage truck would drive right by. I raced out in this brisk 20 degree morning clutching my jacket with my bed head hair, hello kitty fuzzy pants, and hubby’s too big boots. I got the first can down just as the garbageman pulls up.

He didn’t quite smile at my get-up.

The whole day was like that.

One of those days where the easy way was just not happening. You get ‘it’ done but it takes ten more steps than it ought. And it only gets done because you didn’t care what people thought.

What about you? Ever have one of those days? What did you do?

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