An ode to ‘o’

At a nano event a couple days ago, a friend jokingly blocked my view of my computer during a sprint. She wanted to beat my word count.  She knocked over a glass of water on my laptop. I tipped it back and water dripped from my keyboard. I did what I could to get it dried out.

But alas, my ‘o’ key stopped working.

I never really thought about how many words have o’s in them. At first tried using a 0 (Zero) as a replacement since it looked so similar. But it made me feel like I was ten. K3wl

I figured out that I can copy and paste an existing o.  That’s how this blog post was created. Spell check doesn’t set all the missing o’s.

Holy Annoying, Batman!

Everything takes so long. And the pauses…  Gah!!!    The pauses to paste are driving me wild.  I will drop it off at the shop tomorrow.

I am not going to let this set back stop me.

I finished my word count for nano early and I am going to print out my WIP and work that until I get my computer from the shop.

What do you when things don’t go your way?

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