I was thinking about the web of connections we make in our lives and the methods we use to communicate.

I’m not a super social person. My day-job is a remote position. I do spend my days in wall-to-wall phone meeting, email tsunami and IM flood.

My order of preference for most communication is Text/IM/Hangouts then email then phone, then in person. And well after smoke signals and Morse Code would be Vlog or video calls/chats.

When I see Vloggers and vids on FB, I just don’t get it. I’m not sure it’s an age thing. Maybe it’s because I feel talked at or that they feel awkward.

Like a first date.

The person could have a head toss that drives me insane. Or crazy hands trying to escape from their body. Or maybe they will stare at me like that crazy dog in the pound in Shaun the Sheep the movie. ( )

So for me, until I know you won’t be subjected to my hair-trigger eye rolling, let’s stick to a non-video form of communication.

What are your communication pet peeves?

One thought on “Communication

  1. I’m with you. Not sure if it’s an age thing either, but it’s just awkward for me to watch. And the thought of making and posting a video is mortifying. And I’m an extrovert!


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