Argg la la la

I am so over committed between the day job, nano and three classes that the only idea I could come up with for this weeks blog post was about my son. 🙂

My son got a pirate costume for his recent 4th birthday.  It came with a hat, an eye patch, one piece pirate suit with collar, a sword, a gold earring and a hook.

He wore it all including the earring. 

I asked him, “What does a pirate say?”

His response, “Argg la la la.”

Argg La La La-2.png

This may be a picture of my son in his pirate costume.


“Yup, mommy see…” He ran through the house and shouted “Argg la la la.”  His sword swished through the air.  His hook raised above his head. “Argg la la la.”  And then he laughed.

He wanted me to take video with my phone. I did and when I showed the video to him, he laughed and wanted to record another one.  And another one.

I bet he ran for twenty minutes.

Needless to say he slept well that night.

What was the funniest thing your kids have said?

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