10 Secret Strategies to Survive the Day

Boom it happens. A story rejection. Your boyfriend dumps you. Bad review at work. You lost your sh*t at a coworker. The exact wrong thing falls out of your mouth in front of the wrong person. You had that mother-of the-year moment. You lost the last month of your writing because you didn’t back-up your computer.

Now what? Here are ten strategies that could help.


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OKRWA International Digital Awards

So excited for my writing friend! Congrats Christie!

Christie Adams

Oklahoma Romance Writers of America run the annual International Digital Awards contest, and they have just published the list of this years winners here.

I am very proud to announce that two of my stories reached the finals. In the Erotic Short category, the second book in my Club Aegis series, A Wanting Heart, was awarded 4th place, and in the Contemporary Short category, Spent Love, came 2nd. This follows on from the 2nd place in the Erotic Novel category last year, for the first Club Aegis book, The Velvet Ribbon, which is now available FREE.

I would like to thank the organisers of the contest, and also all the members who put their time and effort into holding this contest. Your hard work is so very much appreciated.

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Inappropriate or funny for a blog post?

I had a computer backpack puked on recently.  (I’ll tell you later)  I was afraid that even with the best cleaning, I’d always be followed with the faint smell of vomit.  I needed a new backpack.

So I cleaned out the old one, stacking each item on the kitchen counter. Computer, cord, highlighters, pens, notepads, tampons.

Fast forward to my daughter coming home from kindergarten.

“Mommy?  What’s this for?”  Holding up a tampon.

They could have used my face for a model of trying to come up with an answer. The ummmmmmmmmmm look.

“Remember how mommy has that blanket in her tummy for a new baby?  And how it comes out if there is no baby?”

“The blood.”  She nodded still holding up the unopened tampon.

“Yes. This helps catch the blanket so it doesn’t make a mess.”  Okay I’ll admit I was feeling pretty good on that on-the-fly-hopefully-I-am-not-traumatizing-my-girl answer.

She looked at the tampon for a long moment and then a look of horror overtook her face.  The look heralded something far worse than the potato apocalypse. A look she gave when asked to eat spinach.  


The potato apocalypse.

“You put this in your butt?”

I better start saving for counseling.

What has your child said that made you shake your head or laugh?  (And perhaps question your parenting skills)

The worst part about writing

What is the worst part of writing for me? The answer may surprise you.

It’s not story structure or idea generation. It’s not learning your characters. It’s not revision. It’s not even grammar.

It’s choices.

I heard a phrase ‘Your story, your way’. Which is so true and reveals that awful truth.

Once the words are on the page they will be judged by many things. Genre conventions. Rules of grammar. The practices popular now: Show don’t tell. Active setting. Showing conflict.

Amidst all those rules, a crazy space exists where there are no rules. Nothing tells me how those words get on the page. How they make it from my head to the paper.

Should I be a plotter or pantser? Should I start from the middle, beginning, or end of the story? Should I use the C plot or three act structure or Save the Cat or some other beat sheets?

The answer is: It depends (classic consultant answer).

Every writer is different. It depends the type of writer. It depends on where you are in the journey. It depends on the story in question. And it depends on the process that works.

With the last being the most important.

Crystal clear right? No one can tell you this IT. THIS will work for you. (They may be trying to sell you something if they do.). All they can tell you is what worked for them. Or worked for others.

For me what is working right now is:

I must have butt in seat time.

I must write.

I must set up deadlines with my writing peeps.

I must try. Try different techniques.  Try outlining. Try plotting (my pantser heart shuddered to a stop). Try the different structures.

See what works and adjust as needed.

And never give up. (And finish something)

So the worst part is also the best part in that weird way life works.

What is your worst or most dreaded part of your hobby?  How do you make it work?

Seven signs that you are a writer mid-book

7. You think Chocolate, Coffee, Pizza and Wine are the only food groups

6. You count vacuuming and dusting as exercise

5. You have half a dozen cheater stories started

4. Your house is spotless

3. Your husband says “What is for dinner” and your reply is “contractions are more conversational.”

2. The local pizza delivery shows up every day at 5, no call needed.

1. Your browser history has crazy searches (What goes in a birthing kit? What does a moldy pond smell like? What is the most common underwear color?)