Just one small thing

I have small kids that go to a daycare center. They bring home all sorts of crazy illnesses. Flu, whooping cough, Small Pox.

Recently my oldest got sick, then the youngest. I thought I was in the clear and then it hit me.


I shivered, was cranky, my body ached, had a running nose, a non-functioning brain and barely enough desire to blow my own nose.

I dropped the kids off at daycare, called in sick and slept six extra hours.

When I woke up, I still felt yucky. I logged into work to see if there were any emails I had to respond to today. Then I got down to do some (hopefully) productive writing.  I knew I was going to bed early.  If writing was gonna happen it was going to be right then.

Why, you ask?

I have a challenge with a group of ladies that we write every day for at least thirty minutes. Text confirmation when completed. I must be actively engaged in writing or editing.


I tried editing my WIP’s new opening. Everything seemed stupid. The words mocked me. My writing felt flat and uninspired. Ten minutes of agonizing and googling about what alarm clock my POV should have in his room, left me drained and no closer to completing my task. Perhaps this was not a day to do editing.  Having stared at the screen didn’t count toward my time.

So I opened up my blog ideas. The thing was…I didn’t feel funny. I didn’t feel inspired. I didn’t feel profound.

I did feel like I needed to get something done so I could check the box on my writing challenge. Then I could see what movie I could find to doze to.

I needed just one small thing to write about.

Ta-da!  Just one small thing done.

What do you do to find that one small thing when you are not inspired or feeling sick?

2 thoughts on “Just one small thing

  1. I try to chat with friends who ARE productive, inspiring me. Also, caffeine (pills not drink), take the dogs for a walk, read one of the lessons on the courses I’ve purchased and not yet followed through on – still writing-related even if it’s not creative.

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