Haboobs – the next big idea

One of the things that my non-writer friends ask me is where do you get your ideas.

It feels like the world is a flood of ideas.

Example: In an onsite work meeting and there is a sudden crazy downpour. The building severe weather alarm goes off because there are tornados and hail somewhere near by (but not near enough for you to see if you press your nose against the window).

It brings up the topic of haboobs. Haboobs are dust tornadoes in Arizona that are full of fungus. If you breath it in, it may actually look like lung cancer from the fungus being in your lungs. (so public safety message – if you happen to wander outside to see a haboob in action and happen to get diagnosed with lung cancer or any other lung related ailment, tell your doc you were outside for a haboob – which at this point I like typing haboob and it is even more fun to say)

Anyway, haboobs ricocheted around in my head and what-iff-ed all over (which is very messy). Since I tend to write more fantasy/sci fi (and sometimes horror) it went something like this… (caution, you may not want to continue reading if you are prone to motion sickness or if you are pregnant. May cause dizziness and a general WTF feeling. You have been warned.)

What if the fungus took over people?

What if the alien’s were using tornados to infect people?

What if the tornados were actually created by a species of sentient fungus who were actually using it as a space program to launch the first fungal space ship! (actually!)

What if a perfect storm of a MEGA tornado sent this airborne fungus across the whole world and infected every breathing creature out doors with its deadly spores?

What if tornados used the fungus to communicate?

What should we have for lunch?

Well, you see how it goes.

The issue is not the ideas which propagate like hopped up bunnies, but really how do you make ideas into anything useful? How do you not get distracted by the next great idea? How you not eat your weight in ice cream each day (which is probably a different blog post).

Have a great week.

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